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Being one of the most trusted NDIS meal providers, Cooked Up is all set to provide its foodies with a delicious and health-enriched platter of food.

All the NDIS meals that we have on our menu are mouth-watering and nutritious, with many homemade flavors being added to the fresh ingredients for your taste buds.

Claim up to 70%

Did you know if you are an NDIS participant you only need to pay approx 25%-30% of your meal cost depending on which state you live in?

We will provide you with the invoices to show the breakdown for your claim.

These are figures abstracted by NDIS service providers.

30% Paid by Participant – Cost of ingredients
70% Paid by NDIS – Cost of preparation and delivery

ndis ready made meals

Balanced NDIS Meals Pack

At Cooked Up, we sit back and plan the most nutritious dishes that can be added to our NDIS meal menu. As per our experts, this is undoubtedly the best way to help you gorge on some delicious flavours along with lots of nutrients. We bring on a box of taste and nutrition to your table.

Being the best at NDIS food delivery service, we have always pulled out the best for our customers. We completely understand that you need to start or end a day – a pack of yummy and healthy food. Because, not only will it give you a comfortable sleep, but also keep you fit and energetic.

How Do We Work?

Cooked Up Is Your Favourite One-Stop-Food-Shop Because…

  1. Endless Options – You can eat anything you want, whenever you want because there are no fixed menus.
  2. Independence – No need to depend on anyone to prepare food for you; just select your meals, place your order, and you’re good to chow on them!
  3. Healthy Eating Made Tastier – With Cooked Up, you can eat healthy food much more easily than before. No sugar. No preservatives.
  4. Fresh, But No Frozen – Fresh and nutritious ingredients that taste yummilicous are what we believe in!
  5. Works Towards Your Goals – Want to be more independent? Want to stay fit? Or, do you wish to lose those few extra kilos? Whatever it is, we are here to serve you delicious food!

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Get Your Queries Resolved

  1. Why should I choose Cooked Up for the online food delivery?

Cooked Up, being the best NDIS meal provider, is taking the help of the experts to provide a healthy and nutritious diet to its foodies. We ensure to source the fresh ingredients from the local farms to get all the necessary nutrients. You can always book a call with us, and we shall help you decide on a balanced diet menu.

  1. Can I opt for home delivery of the NDIS meals?

We understand that you can’t step out of your home every day to pick up your orders from us. Hence, we have provided our customers with fixed delivery services to safely deliver your NDIS meals. If there are any issues and complaints further, you can contact us at 02 9624 1998 or mail at

  1. Can I try your food for a week or so?

Since we are not a subscription-based food delivery service provider, you can certainly try us for a single order. All that you need to do is make timely payments for the NDIS meal delivery. We promise that you will be utterly satisfied with what we have got for you!

  1. How can I place my order for the NDIS meals?

You can certainly place your order by phone, email, or website, whatever is most convenient for you! To learn more, get in touch with our staff.

  1. Can I choose my meals before finalizing the food delivery?

Well, your food, your choice! We have made sure not to constrict you from ordering your favourite meal plan. Our wide range of NDIS meals will fulfil your dietary requirements. Hence, choose the meal as per your preference whenever you place an order.

For more information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), visit

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