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Brand Ambassador Program

Big On Taste Big On Results

That’s Right, the Cooked Up Brand Ambassador Program is Now LIVE!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Cooked Up Fresh Meals Brand Ambassador Program. If you feel you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador and are promoting fitness and health and want to bring on a brand that is BIG On Taste Big On Results then you are key to the program.

Why Cooked Up?

100% Australian Farm Fresh

We aim to provide the freshest and tastiest meals for your convenience our meals are made up of produce from Australian local farmers.

Healthy convenient eating has never tasted so Good! We have meals for the whole Family Delivered to you. Locally sourced ingredients.

Made By Top Chefs

Experienced & creative to keep your taste buds singing. Our Chefs are so cool that they constantly creating and working on recipes to cover all dietaries without sacrificing on taste hence our motto “Big on Taste Big On Results”


No meal prep required, lets us get you hooked up with Cooked Up and we do all the work for you and your familiy less your expenses to cook a meal.

We can deliver to your door with no fuss at all simply place your order online and we will deliver Straight to your Door. You Can pick up Meals from one of our local stockist today and let us take care of the cooking for you.

Save Time & Money

By Eating cooked up meals save you approximately 35 mins per day how you ask? It’s Simple No cooking, no need for pots and pans, No food prep, just simply heat for 2-3 mins and enjoy

Testimonial from One Of Our Brand Ambassadors

Sharon Heffernan, Reform Pilates

Get Hooked up with Cooked up. Cooked Up meals are great whether you are time-poor, need help with portion control, extra protein, more carbs, watching what you eat, or are making healthy meal choices. You could have them for lunch or dinner and there are also some great snack options. These are seriously delicious!! Best of all ingredients are sourced from Australian Farmers and it’s an Australian Company. Given the circumstances, it’s so important to support small businesses and Australian-owned Companies. You get the convenience of having them delivered straight to your door. Meal options and a world full of flavours are on offer. Life is all about balance so cooked up is a great option for me as teaching classes all day I need all the energy I can get knowing I’m getting the right amount of nutrients and I can heat them up in minutes which definitely helps me with my busy work schedule. As a Pilates Reformer Studio owner and a fitness instructor, I know how important it is to look after your health.

Apply Now

Please note: all applications to the program will be reviewed and a success call and review of the program will be made within 2 weeks of your application if successful.

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